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President Message

China National Forest Products Industry Corporation (hereinafter referred as The company) was established in 1981, the company is fully committed to the development and innovation of forest products industry, integrates production and trade practices, secures a steady and reliable supply resources, structures a profound business network, forges professional team with technical capability and knowledge of international trade rules, and achieves a distinct business reputation in the forest industry.

The company pursues the "Going Global" development strategy, emphasis on the development of wood resources and domestic market development. Based on the principle of mutual benefit and reciprocity, the company focuses the forest technology exchange and cooperation with Asia, African, European countries. In progression with the transactions of timber and wood products among these countries and regions, the company gradually emerge as one of the largest wood supplier in domestic market.

With the prospective of large scale state-owned forestry enterprises, we hold the vision of respect the nature, rational resources utilization and sustainable development, honor the integrity and mutual benefit. We shall, jointly with forest industry peers at home and abroad, strengthen the cooperation, propel China forestry modernization construction process, create a better home and environment for the humanity.

SUN Liangzhi