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Wood Pulp

Our Company is a member of China Paper Association Commercial Pulp Committee. All of our pulp products are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. We maintain close collaboration with pulp and paper mills, sales agents and dealers, an extensive sales networks at major ports and regions are established both in and outside China.

Our wood pulp business includes procurement and sales of paper pulp and dissolving wood pulp.

The wood pulp brand includes: Arauco Bleached Softwood pulp, Arauco Bleached Eucalyptus pulp, Celco Unbleached Kraft pulp, Celstar, Cariboo, Catalyst Crofton, North Sea, Bratsk softwood pulp, Ust-Ilimsk, Bratsk hard wood pulp and Bleached Acacia Kraft pulp. Our major customers include paper mills and dealers, locate in Northern, Eastern and Southern China. 

The dissolving wood pulp includes: SAPPI pulp from South Africa, Schweighofer pulp from Austria, Rayonier pulp from Canada, OJI pulp from Japan, TOBA pulp from Indonesia, JARI pulp from Brazil, Cosmo pulp from the United States. Our main customers of dissolving wood pulp are viscose mills and dealers in North and East parts of China.